Welcome to the website of Naenae for Christ community church [NFCCC]. We are a church that began meeting together in February 2013. Please take the time to look around the site and feel free to make the most of our resources. At present we are a small community of believers numbering about 50-60 from different walks of life. What knits us together is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sharing our core values may be the best way to describe who we are and what motivates us. NFCCC believes the church is primarily about truth and so we prioritise the Word of God. It is the Word of God that reveals to us how glorious Jesus Christ really is and it is the Word of God that instructs the church in how to be the church. The Word of God really is sufficient.

NFCCC also believes that we are called to simplicity of faith and so we work hard at simple obedience. And finally the church is called to be outward and so we want to be committed to the great commission. When we gather together on Sunday mornings we are primarily about encouraging and equipping believers. When we scatter we are about living out Christ and proclaiming salvation in Him alone.

For whatever reason you are looking at our website, we hope you will find and continue to know eternal life and joy in Jesus Christ.